Question? Are we trusting in the Word and have the Faith and Patients to what on God to answer our prayers. I hear so many Pastors say that God always give an answer to our prayers. Have you received your answer and just refuse to accept the answer God provided? Us as Saints and Believers have to come to an understanding that all things we pray for will not be granted. God knows what is best for each of us, but I will say this if God showed you in a vision not a dream but a vision then you better work toward that vision. That is a calling directly from God and it will come to pass, just stay obedient and trust all that He has shown you will happen. Also, Pray and ask God to revile to you your assignment for His will, your purpose of servant hood. I promise you He will show you,, you have to be ready to answer the call.

Love You,

Sis Joella