Father, I thank you for the GOOD, BAD, AND UGLY . It hurt so bad when heartache is brought on by someone you are very close with. You would think that family would be your mean support system, because they know your life how God has changed you. I don’t want nothing or anyone to hinder my connection with the Father, so I have on a daily basis empty myself, forgive those the want to hurt me. STAND STAINTS,…

Daily Gratitude of Love

Do we show our Father daily gratitude for showing mercy and grace to us on a daily basis. Saints if you aren’t you better start!! The time is near when Jesus is returning for His church.

Trust What The Lord Has Shown You

So often we question rather the vision that has been given to us is from God or a trick of the enemy. Saints there is nothing wrong with asking God to validate and confirm if you were given your assignment by Him and if so please show you how to accomplish. Stay strong and press through the doubt. GOD is always for you!!

This Is The Day That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Nice subject huh? A day that can change your life forever. I hear you asking how is that? Well I’m going to tell you for those that may have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior or maybe you are a born again Believer but may have not surrendered your whole being unto the Master, our  Lord. That’s what I am referencing here “This Is The Day That Will…

A New Day of MERCY and GRACE

FATHER, FATHER, FATHER!!  I thank you for all You do for me everyday by surrendering my life unto you each and every morning. You are my strength, my refuge, my all, for I serve only you Father. Let this ministry continue to be a blessing for those in need and that wants to go deeper, deeper in YOU!!! Love Sis Joella  

I am a friend of GOD

Why do I call myself a friend of God and Jesus because I made a decision to be obedient to His word. To be a doer not just a hearer of His word. To walk in Faith of His word. To demonstrate His word by loving all people no matter their race, gender, or belief. Jesus love me unconditionally, He don’t issue out doses of His love to me based…

Keep Pressing

My Sisters and Brothers thats in the Christian race. Things may not be moving in the pace that WE would like or there are obstacles that may be hindering things from happening. Stay faithful to the calling God has given you, as long as you are doing it in good faith and for God glory it will work out in His time. God bless. Sis Joella

Even in the Loins Den in the Pit of Fire…Praise Him

Our Father we thank you for this day. This day that you created for us. Father there is some much meanness in this world, in you churches, schools, work places. We are asking you Father to intervene on our behalf we keep messing things up. I need you Holy One my head hurts, my attitude is trying to change my mindset to match the enemy. Father I don’t want to disappoint You are offend You in…

Showing Gratitude

So often born again Christians are looked upon as easy to manipulate. People try to take advantage of us because we try to show humbleness and meekness towards each person we come in contact with. Saints we have to sometime show firmness to those individuals. Stop allowing people to make us feel as if we have done something wrong when we know in our hearts that we did what is required of…