Month: April 2017


Keep Going!!!!!!

Servants of God. I want to encourage you on this day to keep going. Don’t allow the enemy to plant the seed of doubt in your mind for doing the right thing. When those you think have your back turn on you and want to prosecute you for doing what is right; keep going. Don’t lower yourself to their level by reacting negatively, That’s what the enemy wants, but instead treat the situation with kindness. God will protect us and fight our battles for us. He want us to stand as Jesus, endure the malice, rejection, envy and watch it turn for your good. I pray that this will uplift your spirit on this day and encourage you to KEEP GOING.

God be the Glory.


Sis Joella

What You Going To Do When Your Back Is Against the Wall?

What You Going To Do When Your Back Is Against the Wall? Are you going to Stand and allow God to do what He does everyday, every second of the day? Fight your battle for you, provide you a way out. Release it allow the Father to work for you through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Begin to Praise and Worship God for the struggle and which His peace come upon you.

Love You,

Sis Joella

Tell Someone You Love Them Today!!!!

It is never to late to make amends. If someone has done wrong by you or you was the offender it is never to late to make amends. That is one of Gods commandments for us Believers love those that wrongfully prosecute us. I am working on this step in my life, it would be ashamed if God was to call me home and I didn’t make amends when I had an opportunity. I don’t want God to not see me or receive. Think about it my Sisters and Brothers and take action today!!!

Love You,

Sis Joella

More Then A Conqueror

The more I seek the Father and allow the Spirit to lead me the more confident I become and able to stand and defeat the enemy. I am more then a conqueror when I follow the direction of the Lord. My Lord, if you are with me, then who can stand against me. Father I will STAND no matter what. Victory belongs to you Jesus, only YOU.

Show Gratitude Today

As we move through this day Easter fading away from our minds, start a fresh today by honoring Jesus life by showing gratitude to others. His crucifixion and resurrection will not be in vain for all He has done for us, showing gratitude is something expected of us Believers and Christians. Blessed are those that honor and obey the Father.

Love Sis Joella

A New Beginning

We all can have a new beginning. No matter what the situation is or how dark things appear. If we learn how to turn it over to Jesus and allow the Spirit of the Lord to work it out it would be alright. Remembering our Lord crucifixion and resurrection this past weekend should gave us all a new beginning. Just thinking about the wonder of the Lord and the prosecution and abuse He went through so I could be set free of my sins and live a just and holly life makes me want to humble myself in all situations. Nothing anyone can do will cause me to turn my back on the Father again. I have learned to allow Him to fight my battles and give me guidance on how to deal with difficult situations and people.


It’s All About You JESUS!!

Early this morning mark the reminder day of Jesus Resurrection. He rose early Sunday morning for you and me. He died for you and me. What does that mean? God cared so much about my life and everyone else life that He sent His only begotten Son to come into this world as a living sacrifice to live as an example how we should live. How we should respect and love each other. His word brings on life transformation. Jesus walked amongst thieves, killers, evildoers of all kind but never allowed Himself to be transformed into the world but instead He displayed to the world how we should live. Some of us got it and some didn’t, some of us refused to believe the wonder of His power that God had given unto Him. God went a step further by sacrificing Jesus. Jesus didn’t whine or complain about His assignment as a matter of fact He was grateful to have been chosen for such an assignment; therefore He went freely to cross. So tell your children the true meaning of Easter its not about Easter eggs or bunny rabbits. Its about  remembering the sacrifice, the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

Many thanks for your prayers and support of No Drama, No Stress

Happy Easter.

Sis Joella Brown

Good Friday – Friday before Easter Sunday

Friday before Easter Sunday! What a mighty statement, huh. The day  on which Christians and Believes reflect on the Crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus life is commemorated on this day Friday April 14, 2017 one way I have been celebrating His sacrificed life is by praise and worship.  All week I have been envisioning His life the pain and suffering He endured, His love He showed to those that believed in Him and even to those that refused to believe who He is and to those that crucified Him while on the cross asking the Father to forgive them. How greater Love.

Enjoy your Families and Friends this weekend.

God Bless,

Sis Joella

The Lord Protects Us

Image result for psalm 34: 15-20

Help In the Right Time

GOD is never late, because sometimes He doesn’t show up when we would like for Him to we get discouraged. My fellow Missionaries I want to encourage you all to stay in the race, to press on even when we feel as do we are not reaching the people. There is always someone watching you. taking in how you handle unforeseen things that come up in your life. Don’t ever think that you effects are in vain as long as it is done in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ then it will not fell. Press on and allow God to fight your battles.

Love You, Sis Joella

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